Patient Mediated Exchange puts the patient at the center of their healthcare, eliminates many of the current gaps in care, improves outcomes, reduces the cost of healthcare, and empowers patients to contribute to their own well-being.

The ONC HEART webinar explains the technologies behind Patient Mediated Exchange

User Managed Access (UMA)

Video demonstrating the Patient Record Following the Patient, User Managed Access and Federated Trusted Identity

Download PatientShare and Post Acute Transitions of Care

To better understand UMA, see the UMA 101 presentation delivered by UMAnitarians Eve and George at IIW in April 2021.

Kantara’s Virtual Booth at ONC Annual Meeting 2021

User-Managed Access Business-Legal Framework Articles

NHS video illustrating advantages of Patient-mediated exchange

International Patient Summary Short Explainer

When we have true healthcare collaboration we will have solved many issues inherent in today's healthcare environment.