The PatientShare App

A web-based SMART-on-FHIR app that allows patients and care teams to view clinical data across the continuum of care

Satisfy the Cures Act Information Blocking Rule:  When enabling the mandated FHIR API,
provide our proven SMART on FHIR app to your patients for easy access. 

How the PatientShare App Works

The PatientShare app is a powerful SMART on FHIR clinical data viewer, displaying the patient’s complete record. It features an intuitive interface that allows clinicians, patients, and caregivers to view clinical data easily.

PatientShare is a FHIR-first solution, supporting the FHIR API (R4) standard, so you can easily use it with your FHIR endpoint to meet the ONC FHIR mandate. The PatientShare app is web-based and works on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

You can also connect it to the full PatientShare health data exchange solution that supports patient-mediated clinical data exchange and computable consents.

The PatientShare app is designed for everyone involved in patient care, including healthcare teams, patients, and caregivers.  It provides them with the data they need to make informed decisions.

The PatientShare app supports the US Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) resources plus many of the newer standards, including CMS assessment resources, advance directives, the International Patient Summary, and care plans, including eLTSS (Long-term Services and Support) and MCC (Multiple Chronic Conditions) eCarePlans.     

PatientShare Allows You to Easily and Securely Share Meaningful Data with External Facilities

Patient Centric Solutions has worked closely with the PACIO (Post-acute Care Interoperability) Working Group to support post-acute care patients. The PatientShare app can be used to share critical clinical data during care transitions. Record contents include not only current medication records and discharge summaries, but also assessments (functional, cognitive, and speech-language pathology), advanced directives, care teams, and multiple care plans. By using SMART on FHIR technology, organizations can more easily make data available to external facilities at transitions.

PatientShare App Key Features

  • FHIR R4 API compatible
  • Your health system can deploy the PatientShare app as a user interface for your own FHIR API
  • Or deploy the PatientShare app as a SMART on FHIR client 
  • Support for all USCDI resources, plus CMS assessment resources, advance directives, the International Patient Summary, and care plans including eLTSS (Long-term services and support) and MCC (Multiple Chronic Conditions) eCarePlans.
  • Integration with EHRs through EMR launch and CDS Hooks
  • Support for record sharing between health systems and smaller entities, such as skilled nursing facilities and home health providers
  • Provides a third-party alternative to patient portals

Easily Meet the ONC FHIR Mandate with the PatientShare app

The ONC mandate requires that all providers and HIEs provide a FHIR API so patients can access their data with an app of their choice. Practically, many patients may not have chosen an app. Consider providing patients with not only the mandated API but also a reliable, proven app as a packaged offering.