Use Cases for Many Health Data Exchange Needs

PatientShare offers secure, private, seamless health data exchange across the continuum of care

PatientShare can help solve a range of problems that healthcare organizations face today and will face even more in the years ahead. Explore the leading use cases for PatientShare solutions here.

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Improve Interoperability During Care Transitions with PatientShare

PatientShare delivers seamless access to clinical data for patients and healthcare teams throughout care transitions. It improves communication between patients and providers and facilitates better interoperability among care teams. PatientShare informs clinician decisions that will lead to better health outcomes and reduce the risk of malpractice claims and CMS penalties.

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Community Exchange

Deploy a FHIR-based data hub in your community to address 

  • Health Disparities
  • Aging Population Support
  • Adolescent Services across facilities
  • Behavioral Health Support

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Enable Patient-mediated Data Exchange

PatientShare enables a new model of health data exchange designed with the patient at the center

Patient-mediated exchange (PME) puts control back in the hands of consumers, where it belongs. PME improves provider efficiency and enhances care outcomes. Sharing is managed through electronic consents generated by the patient or their approved delegate. Patients can generate sharing consents on-demand, ensuring every provider and other stakeholder involved in care gets the information they need when they need it.

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International Patient Summary

The International Patient Summary (IPS) is an electronic health record containing essential healthcare information intended for use in unscheduled, cross-border care scenarios.  ONC recognizes the importance of being able to have a patients’ data follow them wherever they go so that they can retrieve the data when and where it matters most. The standard comprises of a dataset that is a minimal and non-exhaustive patient summary that is specialty agnostic, condition-independent, and readily usable by clinicians. The IPS highlights the use case for interoperability with patients’ health data being transferred across country borders so that we can personalize patient care. The value sets are based on global vocabularies that are usable and understandable in any country.

While the original intention of the IPS was to exchange cross-country border scenarios, the IPS can also be used for exchange across regional territories or even across facilities.

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