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Nancy Lush, President and Founder

Nancy Lush is a healthcare innovation thought-leader.  With over 30-years in healthcare and 15 years contributing to standards workgroups, she has been working to advance interoperability. She has been an active member of HIMSS, HL7, HEART, UMA, Patient Empowerment, Kantara Initiative, CARIN, PACIO, eLTSS, PP2PI, the FHIR Business Alliance, and Patient Contributed Data. Nancy is passionate about improving health and wellness while reducing the cost of healthcare through patient engagement, wellness initiatives, and reducing provider burden so that they can focus on patient needs.

Jan Oldenburg, Vice President and Founder

Jan is an expert on digital health and personal health engagement, focusing on digital transformation across her career. Her background includes consulting, acting as the VP of Patient and Physician Engagement on Aetna's ACO team, and senior leadership in Kaiser Permanente's Digital Services Group.

Jan was the principal editor of Participatory Healthcare: A Person-Centered Approach to Transforming Healthcare and Engage! Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement, as well as chapters in several digital health books. Jan led an HL7 team in developing a paper on Patient Contributed Data.

Nora Lee, MD, Medical Advisor

Dr. Nora Lee is a neurologist with over 30 years of clinical experience in academic medicine. She is an Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She completed her medical training at Wayne State University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Lee has focused on outcomes research in cerebrovascular diseases, developing database for tracking strokes and authoring numerous papers and publications addressing cerebrovascular diseases. Nora is also interested in facilitating healthcare efficiency by improving the transfer of medical information.

Mark Wholey, Principal Software Engineer

Mark Wholey leads project implementations that enable the seamless exchange and visualization of Health Information. Mark has 25 years of technical experience with the design, development and management of secure information platforms, API interfaces, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems, modeling systems and data management solutions. Mark also has a strong body of experience leveraging technology to streamline business workflow processes, and he has worked extensively in the development of data-driven web applications. He has strong capabilities in Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), and application design and development to support critical decision making in demanding, secure environments. Mark is a subject matter expert in the healthcare interoperability space.