Technical Approach

At Patient Centric Solutions, we are committed to

  • Enabling patients to securely share their health records easily, when and with whom they wish to share
  • Reduce provider burden and improve provider access
  • Seamless interoperability across health care systems
  • The highest level of identity, authorization and security standards
  • Patient control
  • Transparency

PatientShare supports each of these goals.  It integrates with 3rd party identity systems to ensure that each of the exchange partners are who they say they are, supporting NIST AAL2 and IAL2 specifications.  At its core, PatientShare depends on the FHIR API, the ONC recommended health care exchange standard.  It includes OAuth2, OpenID Connect, User Managed Access and HEART profiles, the only combination to address patient-mediated health data exchange.  PatientShare includes electronic consent to capture the patient’s data sharing wishes.  The electronic consent is interpreted in a standardized way to support seamless interoperability.  The patient always has access to insight of who is accessing what parts of their data through the PatientShare system, supporting transparency.

Patient-mediated health data exchange represents a new paradigm for sharing health data.  At Patient Centric Solutions, we believe that consumers should have the ability to manage who has access to their health records.  This capability will address and eliminate many of the current gaps in health data exchange.  Further, we believe this capability will improve care, reduce the cost of care and reduce provider burden in providing optimal care.

PatientShare was designed to be configured to support many use cases.  We support hybrid configurations to enable both organizational and patient policies.  Please contact us for more information.