Patient Mediated Sharing

Patient-centered Care

Patient Centric Solutions improves patient outcomes, quality of care, and efficiencies while reducing patient risk and healthcare costs.

Our core product, PatientShare, includes an infrastructure to enable secure, seamless, dynamic data exchange using the FHIR API.  It also enables user managed access, driven by a transparent patient-mediated consent system and authorization server.  PatientShare can support both organizational and patient-directed policy.  PatientShare integrates with external trusted identity servers and is open standards based.  PatientShare is structured to easily integrate with any healthcare system or use case.

PatientShare includes web-based clients to make data available at any point in care and to both patients and their caregivers.  External standards-based clients are also supported.

As we face the current challenges of this pandemic, it is more important then ever to enable clinical information to flow securely and seamlessly where needed.  Refer to our Transitions of Care page for examples of the patient record following the patient.  Contact us for more information on how we can help you reach these goals.