Patient Mediated Sharing

Health Data Exchange Made Easy

Healthcare Faces Many Challenges

Healthcare teams everywhere struggle to share data between facilities and colleagues in a simple, timely, and useful way. Meanwhile, patients want better and more complete access to their data. And the mandate requiring healthcare entities to provide consumers with FHIR APIs to access their health data is already upon us.

Patient Centric Solutions Has Answers

Patient Centric Solutions (PCS) offers standards-based IT infrastructure and apps to solve these problems. Our flagship offering, PatientShare Exchange, and the PatientShare clinical data viewer app help you provide better quality of care, improve patient outcomes, and give patients more control over their health data. 

PCS positions your organization to reduce costs, lower the exchange burden, improve care collaboration, minimize gaps in care, and easily meet interoperability standards. 

No matter your organization's new data exchange goals, Patient Centric Solutions can help.

  • If you're looking for an efficient solution to meet new mandates, PatientShare can do it.
  • If you're looking to be a leader in patient-centered care, PatientShare can put you there.

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PatientShare Smart on FHIR App

Secure Data Viewing and Sharing 

The PatientShare app is a clinical data viewer for clinicians, patients, and care partners. It is web-based and available for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. It features an intuitive interface that allows authorized persons involved in an individual's care to easily view the person's data.

Care providers need to collaborate to provide better healthcare, and the PatientShare app gives them the tools to do so anywhere.  PatientShare supports FHIR V4 USCDI plus Care plans, Advance Directives, Assessments, and the International Patient Summary.

PatientShare Exchange Solution

Health Data Exchange

PatientShare is an enterprise health data exchange solution consisting of a FHIR server, API, and a robust yet easy-to-use front end. It is a powerful, flexible infrastructure for exchanging health data among clinicians, care teams, patients, and family caregivers. It includes patient-mediated exchange, a powerful new mode of interoperability. 

Better data exchange is a win-win for patients and clinicians. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and patient families struggle with transitions of care, while specialists and community agencies struggle to get the information they need. Engaging patients and their entire care team through better interoperability will improve outcomes for everyone.