Patient-mediated Health Data Exchange

Empower consumers to improve care

Consumers need access to their health records and they should decide who else can access them. All too often, records don’t reach the doctors who need them in a timely fashion. As a result, people may have to delay much-needed specialist appointments or have less-than-optimal visits because their records were not transferred on time.

We solve this problem for both consumers and providers by establishing secure, patient-directed sharing of health data. Each person can create his/her own policies about sharing health data. Our system establishes and interprets the patient's consents to enable interoperability governed by the patient’s goals.

Consumers can select what records they want to share and with whom—their health records will be available immediately, so they’ll never again have to worry if the records needed for their appointment have been received. It puts control back in the hands of consumers, where it belongs.

The workflow for providers is simplified as well. They can see the records consumers have authorized them to see right in their workflow. No faxing. No scanning. No repeat phone calls. Just the records they are authorized to see, available from a link within their EMR.

Contact us today to enable a patient record that follows the patient.

For Patients and Caregivers

Our system gives you access to your own health data and the ability to decide who else you want to receive it. This gives you the ability to manage your own health and healthcare that you have long been lacking.

  • Have you ever wondered who has copies of your health records and what information is included?
  • Have you wondered whether the specialist you’ve waited months to see actually has the records you authorized to be sent?
  • When traveling, have you needed treatment and not been able to share your health history? 
  • When visiting a new doctor, have you forgotten to share some of your medication details or problems?

You may have struggled to address these issues on behalf of a loved one or yourself.

We solve those problems for you. Using PatientShare, you can choose who has permission to see your records. You can look up your doctors or health facilities and individually choose who has permission and what they can access. And you can authorize the records to be available when you choose.  PatientShare provides secure patient-mediated sharing supported by the most current best practices.

How do you get started? It’s easy.

  1. Open the PatientShare web app.
  2. Create a logon and identify the healthcare locations/providers that have copies of your data
  3. Identify which doctors have permission to access your data and what parts of your data they can access.

We use secure, standards-based processes to protect your data through the whole process and to make sure that your providers always have the data you want them to see. For more details, see the “technical approach” page.

For Providers

Are you frustrated with not getting your patient’s records on time? With having to scan in records you receive by fax? Does your HIM department spend countless hours faxing records to other providers around the country?

We simplify the process for you. When you subscribe to PatientShare, we list you in our directory as a person that patients can authorize to see their data. With minor set-up, you will then begin to see records from your patients. You’ll also be able to offer the service as a self-service alternative to your HIM department.

Everything we do is based in contemporary technical standards. This protects the security and privacy of your records and your patients.

This capability expedites and enables you to have the records you need at the time you need them with the knowledge that your patients have specifically authorized your use of their data.

It empowers your patients to share their data with new clinicians so that all members of their care team can provide more integrative care.  It also empowers patients to share with their caregivers so that everyone is working together to improve your patient’s health.

We are actively looking for providers to work with us to pilot this capability, so please let us know if you are interested in collaborating on a pilot arrangement with us.