Transitions of Care

Lack of accurate information during transitions of care is one of the major gaps in US healthcare today.  We hear this daily from both patients and caregivers alike.  It is most evident for a chronic incident with post-acute care, when patients transfer from from one facility to another. In most post acute care settings, providers are not receiving complete and accurate information in a timely manner, leading to adverse outcomes and additional expenses.

PatientShare provides a means for the patient data to follow the patient.  It can be securely shared instantaneously with members of the care team and the patient family. Providers have access to care details across the continuum.  Current patient data is always avaialble when needed.

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Below are screenshots from the PACIO workgroup from the HL7 Sept 2020 Connectathon

SMART on FHIR Transitions of Care

The Patient Centric Solutions, Transitions of Care client is available both as a SMART on FHIR client and as a HEART client.

The Transitions of Care client provides FHIR-based access to full clinical data, including the eLTSS (Electronic Long Term Care & Services) and PACIO (Post Acute Care Assessment) profiles.  This data can be integrated to any EHR workflow through CDS hooks and made available for transitions of care as the patient moves from one health care facility to the next.

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