Patient-mediated Exchange

PatientShare enables secure patient directed sharing of clinical data.  Studies have shown that engaging patients in their own care lead to improved outcomes.  For any patient with multiple chronic conditions, engaging both the patient and their entire care team, including family members, will improve outcomes from multiple perspectives.  It will lower the cost of health care for both patients and providers.

PatientShare is not only about patient benefits.  Most participants in the healthcare industry will benefit from seamless data exchange.  Hospitals struggle with post-acute transitions of care, many specialists struggle with inadequate information, and costs are unnecessarily multiplied due to lack of accurate information, just to name a few.

There are many gaps in care today that can be solved by true seamless data exchange.  Please contact us to learn how PatientShare can enable your practice today.

Patient Control

  • Access to care
  • Eliminates roadblocks
  • Empowers patients
  • Enables productive encounters
  • Engage family support
  • Encourages innovation
  • Improves health
  • Reduce cost
  • Enable patient choice and transparency

Standards-based FHIR API

  • Access when needed
  • Access discrete data points
  • Removes institutional roadblocks
  • Secure, private, transparent
  • Ability to revoke sharing
  • Allows patients to choose when, what and who to share their data with
  • Enables patients to delegate decision making about sharing
  • Seamless interoperability

Enables innovation

  • Truly collaborative care
  • Simplifies engagement with specialists or dual-location care
  • Support patient feedback
  • Enables innovation ecosystem
  • Key to reducing cost of healthcare

PatientShare integrates with any health data repository.