For Providers

Are you frustrated with not getting your patient’s records on time? With having to scan in records you receive by fax? Does your HIM department spend countless hours faxing records to other providers around the country?

We simplify the process for you. When you subscribe to PatientShare, we list you in our directory as a person that patients can authorize to see their data. With minor set-up, you will then begin to see records from your patients. You’ll also be able to offer the service as a self-service alternative to your HIM department.

Everything we do is based in contemporary technical standards. This protects the security and privacy of your records and your patients.

This capability expedites and enables you to have the records you need at the time you need them with the knowledge that your patients have specifically authorized your use of their data.

It empowers your patients to share their data with new clinicians so that all members of their care team can provide more integrative care.  It also empowers patients to share with their caregivers so that everyone is working together to improve your patient’s health.

We are actively looking for providers to work with us to pilot this capability, so please let us know if you are interested in collaborating on a pilot arrangement with us.